My dream Vanity (Beauty) Room feat. Arhaus

Hello beautiful,


Am I right in stating that almost every female teen or young adult dreams about her future home? If you haven’t, you’re probably very unique (in the best way). I’m not as unique as you are though, I look forward to having a place to call home. Being in college away from home, makes me miss home so much. It gets me excited for the time when I have a place to call home again. I know I’ll be both excited and terrified to decorate. Thankfully, I have a mom who is amazing at home decor to help me out.

The third place I’m going to decorate in my home after the living room and kitchen, is most likely my beauty room. I dream about having a personal space that includes a mini home office and makeup station. I would like my bedroom to be just for sleep and relaxation. In anticipation of the day my dream comes true, I’ll be here, patiently fantasizing about my dream vanity space. Since there is no fun in dreaming alone, I’m sharing with you guys how I envision  my future beauty space. Hopefully, it inspires you.

Did you know blue is my favorite color? If you didn’t, now you know. That’ why it’s no surprise that I would want my space to reflect different shades of blue. Also, since I absolutely love the combination of blue and white, the room will be blue and white themed, giving off a sense of calm and tranquility, which I always crave. I know I would want  blue and white walls like the picture below. Also, the space will be in 3 sections. There’ll be an office space, a couch area for when I get lazy, and a makeup station. The sections are showcased below.



The only change I’ll make to the makeup setup is the chair, I’ll most likely ditch the white and black chair for a completely teal one.


This post is in collaboration with Arhaus, a quality home and outdoor furniture company. Some of the items I’ll mention are from their website, they have such beautiful pieces on there. You should check them out! Below are pieces I found on the website that I would love to add to my vanity space.


Let’s take a moment to appreciate this gorgeous chandelier, shall we? I think it would add a timeless feel to the beauty room. I’ll most likely place this chandelier right in the middle of the room to make it very noticeable. You can get this beautiful chandelier along with other lighting accessories like table lamps, desk lamps, and pendants by visiting Arhaus’s lighting page.

The website also has you covered with anything you need to beautify your space, from to vases, storage baskets, wall arts, and candle holders. Take a look for yourself. I’m already so anxious for my future vanity space.

How about you guys? What do you think of my dream vanity space? What would you ditch, or what might you add to yours? Also, what color scheme would yours be? Let’s chat below! I would love to get more ideas from you. Thank you so much for reading, and thank you Ahraus for feeding my desire for a beautiful vanity space.



p.S: I also love the black and white color scheme, but everyone does it and what’s the fun in that.

Also, p.s: I hope you didn’t miss this anniversary post last week, I show you some love there, go read!





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