The Underestimated Power of Prayer

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I know I know, the title of this post sounds all fancy and official, and I have my friend, Sophia to thank for that. She suggested that I write this, and it surprised me that I never thought to write about prayer before. I probably thought I had something similar up since prayer is so dear to my heart, but I guess I was wandering in dreamland. You might have noticed that every religion has elements of prayer in it. That’s because if you believe in God or something greater than yourself, you understand the need to put your hope and trust in the entity ruling over you and the whole world, an entity that knows and controls everything from past to the future.

Prayer stems from accepting that you need to worship/ reverence God, and make your requests known to him. It is casting your burdens at his feet and letting him take care of them. You pray because you are fighting battles against demons and principalities that you cannot see. Prayer time is a time to bask in the glory of your maker, and allow your heart experience his mightiness. Prayer opens doors, moves mountains, breaks chains, soothes your soul and allows you to feel God’s presence constantly.

Think about it this way, God Almighty has given unworthy you unconditional access to approach his throne of grace and mercy, and you ought to take full advantage of the privilege. Here’s a simple definition of prayer by Dr. Ralph Martin that I love; “Prayer is at root simply paying attention to God.” It is humbling yourself, accepting that it is not about you or your situation, but it’s instead all about God and his glory. This is what we are created for anyways, to glorify God!

Now that you understand why you need to pray, let’s get into the practicals of making prayer a lifestyle:

Learn from the perfect example: Although there is no exact formula for prayer, and you might be struggling with how to pray, you can learn. Throughout the bible, we are taught how to pray. We see the prophets, the kings, even Jesus himself approaching God’s throne during amazing and horrible times. We see God heal diseases, raise the dead, cease rainfall because of people’s prayers. All the verses teach us to pray without ceasing, and make our requests known with thanksgiving. Notice, the bible doesn’t say to pray when life is rosy or only when you feel like it. No, the bible says to pray constantly because life will never be perfect. If you’re waiting for the good days to come so you’ll be in the mood for prayer, you’ll be waiting forever. So I encourage you, if you’re going through rough patches at the moment, keep praying till breakthrough arrives.

Pray when you don’t feel like it: If you’ve read your bible, you know prayer isn’t to get warm and fuzzy feelings, especially not in the Old testament. I mean, there were people praying for God to kill all their enemies, crying out in anger and weariness. They were praying while being chased by attackers, and fleeing their homes. So, if you think you’re not going to pray because of what you’re going though, you need to go read your bible again. God did not say he will be our refuge from troubled times, he says he’ll be our refuge in troubled times. He knows what you’re going through doesn’t feel good, so he doesn’t expect you to come happily. Come with your frustrations and tell him everything (prayer literally means talking to God), let him be the one to give you rest. You do not get the rest before praying, you get the rest while praying.

Have a prayer buddy: When you’ve tried to pray and your mouth just won’t open, I hope you have a friend that you can call to pray for you. This is important because sometimes there’s a lot on your mind and you can’t articulate your thoughts because of frustration. Explaining all that’s on your mind to someone is great because if they’re listening carefully, they’ll know what to pray for, and empower you through their prayer. Also remember, that wherever two or more people are gathered in God’s name, he’s there with them (Matthew 18:20). There’s always a surprise guest (God) in your midst praying over you too, how amazing!

Pray by proclaiming God’s word over yourself: The best way to pray when you don’t feel like it, is to dig into the scripture, find a verse that speaks life into you and meditate on it. Personalize the verse and speak it over yourself when you feel weary. When you feed yourself with God’s word than anything else, your mind won’t have anymore space to hold onto your frustration or the devil’s lies and oppression.

Pray for others: Since prayer is about humbling yourself and focusing your attention on God, why not pray for God’s other children? Pray for friends, family, teachers, pastors, missionaries, your country, the government, school, and community. Pray for those that don’t know him yet to witness his love, and know him. Intercede on people’s behalf and watch God do great things.

Pray for the strength to pray: Because we are weak and cannot do life on our own, we need to pray to receive the strength for prayer. He is forever patient with us, and answers our prayers. Don’t you just appreciate that?

I hope you enjoyed reading this, that you understand the need for prayer, and are encouraged to pray more. I love you and have a fruitful day. Don’t forget to like, share, subscribe to the blog for updates whenever I post, join the family! Also, please leave suggestions on posts you would love to read about, I need ideas.

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Bible verses that I love to mediate on in relation to prayer: James 5:14-16, Ephesians 6:18, Psalm 107: 28-30

Yours Truly….

p.s: If you have any prayer request, leave a comment below and know I’ll be praying for you!


9 thoughts on “The Underestimated Power of Prayer

  1. Prayer is something I tend to struggle with. Especially when I’ve done something ‘bad’, even if I’ve asked God to forgive me in my head I’m like is God even going to listen to me? I know He does but that’s just my mind playing tricks lol.

    You’re right when you say we should pray constantly, through the good and the bad. It is certainly not easy but it’s doable. As you said, simply ask God for strength. Great post , will use all the tips. 🙂
    PS: My exam results are coming out soon, it would be great if you could pray for me concerning that. Thank you! xx
    Coco Bella Blog


    1. I totally get you about the doing something bad situation, I do it too! But I always have to remind myself that I didn’t earn God’s love, that he loves me and will forgive me. Thank you so much for reading girl, I’ll be paying for your exam. You got this.


  2. I don’t actually pray because i just feel like everything thats meant to happen would happen either ways. reading this has actually helped understand some things that i wasn’t all clear about. i guess you could just pray for me to get connected to God and understand more about praying. thanks


    1. Hey girl, I love what you just stated. That’s true, everything will eventually happen exactly how God planned it. God wants us to strengthen our faith through prayer, it’s amazing to see your prayer requests become a reality! I’m so happy you learnt from this post. Thanks for stopping by 😘

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  3. I enjoyed reading this. Prayer is unconditional access….Just come as you are. Now it got me thinking… knowing this , it means that even when I dont feel like praying I still can come to him like that. It doesn’t need to be structured . I also agree with you on prayer buddy and prayer for others. These can be easily overlooked too.
    God bless you as you pray for me and my family.


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