Back To School Reminder || Things you should have ready for school

Hi gorgeous!

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It’s back to school season, and I’m not sure how I feel about that yet (ask me in 3 weeks), but I hope you are excited, especially if you’re just starting out in college. I wish you a great semester and year ahead. I hope you are ready to take on this new adventure and to experience life like never before. In the midst of excitement and nervousness, it’s quite easy to forget a few important things you need for school no matter how basic, but don’t worry, I’m here to remind you of them.

Here are 5 things you shouldn’t be forgetting this school year:

1. A Planner: This might not be important to some of you, but my planner is my second bible. I can’t think of how I managed to have stay on top of my game without one my first semester (no wonder i was always confused). If you’re someone who is taking on a lot this semester like classes, clubs and organisations, a job, you definitely need a planner to help schedule activities, so you are not behind and getting frustrated. I really like planners that have enough space to accommodate long sentences explaining each day’s tasks. Here’s a link to a really good planner, if you’re in need of one.

2. School Supplies: I’m really hoping that you are not too excited for school that you forgot to buy the most important school supplies. You should have your binders, notebooks, pens, pencils, calculators, erasers, highlighter, markers, pencil case, sharpener ready.

3. Water bottle: I love water ,and  I tend to have my water bottle wherever I go because the thirst out here is real, especially during the summer. While walking around campus, you’ll most likely get dehydrated, so make sure you have a bottle of water in your bag to keep you refreshed. I also drink water when I’m nervous, you can try it too, it does help. In addition, water helps your skin flourish, so drink plenty.

4 .Plan your outfits ahead: I definitely do not adhere to this, but I’m sitting with my roommate who loves planning her outfits the day before, and it’s something I’m trying to do this semester. According to her, planning your outfit ahead saves you time, and reduces the hassle of running around your room in the morning when you’re running late to class. In her words, ‘you just get dressed and go’. Of course, she remembers to take a shower too, don’t be dirty. One thing I definitely do is plan  my backpack ahead. I put books, assignments, gum, and school supplies in my backpack at night so I don’t forget anything important I need for the day.

5. Put God first: In this busy season, it is very easy to lose sight of the one who is most important. I’ve been a victim of ‘getting too busy for God’ during school year, and this serves as a reminder for me. Every semester is going to be busy, life itself is busy and I need to become disciplined and try harder to keep my focus on the one who is going to sustain me in the season. I’ll be praying for strength for you reading this, that you’ll be encouraged to seek God even through the stress of the school year.

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Thank you so much for reading! If you want more tips, you definitely will be interested in this back to school post. I hope you have a fruitful semester and continue to bask in this new season. Anyone a freshman in college? What are you most excited for this school year?

I’m super excited for the new Chick-fil-A at school! Good food makes everything better.

Yours Truly…

p.s: this cute backpack is not my school backpack, it is just for slaying. I got it from TJ-Maxx a few weeks ago, and it’s a great buy.




4 thoughts on “Back To School Reminder || Things you should have ready for school

  1. I love your shorts and the backpack is so cute 😍😍 It is important to put God first in all our endeavors and you’d save more time planning out outfits before the day you wear them.


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