Make Your Blog Readable!

Hello lovely,


Today, I’m sharing with you four ways to make your blog posts or writings more readable. I can’t count the number of times I have been interested in reading a blog post, but lose interest almost immediately because of bad grammar and appearance. Your blog might be losing readers that you are not aware of due to this, and I hope this post helps in avoiding that.By no means am I a perfect writer, but I have learnt a lot since starting my blog, and I’m sharing these minimal tips with you, especially fellow bloggers.

Proof read: The first thing I’ll say is proof read (over and over). You don’t have to be in a hurry to put up a blog post if you haven’t had enough time to go through your writing, and make necessary corrections. Proof reading your post numerous times before publishing, and even after will correct the other mistakes listed below. You can ask a friend to help you proof read if you want to be extra cautious. Get rid of typos (please!), typos make it hard for readers to focus on your content, and your post seems to be written by a rookie. I am genuinely happy to get notifications from blogs that hardly have typos, as opposed to those with numerous typos. Your content might be great, but I’m uninterested if I have to put in work to understand it.

Proper Punctuation: I actually google what punctuation marks best fit my sentences when I’m confused. Although, it might seem unnecessary, proper punctuation makes it easy for readers to follow your writing, and understand the points you’re making. Who wouldn’t come back to your blog after reading a well constructed post? Learn appropriate uses of commas, semi colons, colons, apostrophe’s, etc..

Remove filler words: Writing a blog post is different from speaking. When writing, you have to remove filler words like: umm, errr, that, like, etc…. You want to be casual with your readers, but not too informal that your post is unserious. Don’t use a lot of “so” in your sentence, don’t start your sentence with it either. Let your sentences be straight to the point; for example: instead of writing “we are very much grateful for all the support”, write instead: “we are grateful/very grateful for your support”. The same message is conveyed in a concise and simple manner.

Bonus: Avoid repetition (over use of one word in your sentence).

Organize your thoughts: I guess what I mean by organizing your thoughts is, making your ideas flow together in an orderly manner. Don’t jump from one paragraph to the next without tying them together. Make use of transition words like: however, in addition, although, etc…. Don’t start your story with paragraph three, and end with what should have been the first paragraph, it is very confusing. Instead, make sure your writing is written in a timely sequence.

That’s it!

Thank you for reading this post, I hope you learnt a thing or two from it. Let me know what you think in the comment section. Don’t forget to like, share and subscribe to the blog!

Yours Truly….

p.s: This year is flying by quickly. Happy New Month! I pray this month is a fruitful and bright one for you.



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