Let’s Chat ||Life Lately + Current Season

Hi everyone!


How are you doing? I know Monday is not my official posting schedule, but I decided to post anyways. I’ve procrastinated writing a blog post for two weeks, and that’s not cute. Therefore, I thought there was no better way to get back on the blogging bandwagon than putting up a Let’s chat post on the first day of the week! We haven’t had one since August, can you believe it? I miss sharing random thoughts, reading your beautiful stories and learning from you, that’s why this post is up.

I felt that I needed to put up an encouraging post today, because everyone is in need of encouragement sometimes. Most of us are in the decision making season of our lives. I know humans make decisions everyday, but I’m talking about major, life altering decisions; like: what career do I want to pursue? what are my plans after university? did I choose the right major? what kind of life do I envision for myself? and so on.. I’m not left out of this equation, so this post is for me too. If you’ve read my study abroad posts, you’ll know that I’m in my third year in college (university), and lately, I’ve been thinking about what life looks like after college. Doubts try to creep in sometimes, and I question all my decisions thus far. For example, I’ll get a random thoughts about not being in the right major, or not having my exact career plans figured out.


During these times, I remember where I put my trust, in God alone. Remember during the summer, I shared about dealing with anxiety and how I was learning to trust God more , because that’s the way to defeat it? I’m happy to tell you that it’s been working. It’s not that the thoughts don’t come, but I’m becoming more confident in telling myself that God who created and put me in this huge world has a purpose for me. I don’t know exactly how my life will play out, but he does and he is working my life out, he really is. My current position in life itself is a testimony of God’s goodness. He put desires in my heart that led me to the right schools, major, and opportunities I’ve had so far. I know he’ll keep giving me the desires that lead me to my purpose, as long as I entrust myself to his care daily and work hard.

Also, I’ve listened to stories of some successful people, and they didn’t have things figured out either. Instead, they worked not worried, until they had their big break. It can happen for us too, so don’t worry. I know it’s easier said than done, but everything (both good and bad) will work out for your good, just as God promises. Also, always remember that you are not alone, millions of people are going through the same struggle. No one fully has everything figured out, and that’s why we lean on God, the only one who does.

Now, I turn it over to you; what season are you in right now? Is it a season of making major decisions, and are you faced with a lot of anxiety? Share below, and let’s have a chat. Again, you are not alone, and you will overcome this season.

I wish you a great week ahead! Be sure to stop by the blog again on Thursday for another post.

Yours Truly…

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