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Before you read this post, please watch this video:

Growing up, I looked forward to Sundays because it meant getting dressed in a cute gown for church, and eating yummy dinner. These things were great, but I loved Sundays mostly because I longed for the praise and worship session at church. In my little head, worshiping God was possible only through worship songs, and it was the only way I thought I could feel God’s presence. I grew up with this mindset ever since, until last year. Did anyone else grow up with this mindset?

My present definition of worship couldn’t be farther from what I thought it was when I was younger. I understand now that true worship means living a life that is holy and pleasing to God Almighty. It is showing reverence to God in everything you do. You worship God by submitting to his will  and accepting him as the ruler of your life, not just saying or singing it on Sunday. A lifestyle of worship is reflective through your words, regard for others and general living. It is having an understanding of God’s glory, love, grace, mercy, and living your life with these in view. If you truly have an understanding of God, you will desire to honor him with your every being. A selfless and loving God like him deserves your sacrifice and so much more.


This post is totally not saying that you cant worship God through songs. Singing praises to your maker and bearing your soul to him through songs is powerful. Personally, I have overcome tough situations by means of worship through songs. Question: When you listen to songs of worship (slow or fast), do you meditate on them or do you simply belt out the lyrics and dance to the melody? Do you allow God minister to you during that time, or is it hard to quiet your mind, and focus on God? I found it difficult being still and worshipping earlier in my walk with God, but I’m getting better at being in God’s presence and basking in his goodness each day. Each encounter pours throughout my day when I truly engage God, and changes my perspective from being worldy to heavenly.

This is what true worship means to me, but I want to hear from you too. What does true worship mean to you? Are your thoughts similar to mine or do they differ? Comment below, and I’ll catch you in my next post!

Yours Truly…

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