Finding Peace (To the One in Doubt)


Woow Woow woow! That is all the words I can find to sum up what a year 2017 has been. I’m writing this post a couple of days to my birthday and let’s just say I’m reflecting a bit on this year. This extremely fast and worthwhile year. I am not one to make new year resolutions, although I should try making a list this year (to see if they actually work). I am one to pray to God for a theme for my year, and the theme for 2017 has been “Finding Peace.” The kind of peace that does not rely on success, other peoples’ acceptance, relationships, and perfection to be fulfilled.

I am talking about the kind of peace that transcends all understanding, peace that is found in the one who cared deeply for the world he created, that he humbled himself to suffering, and died for it. This is the kind of peace I have found and I know it sounds cliche but it is possible to find it for yourself. If you read my blog posts this summer, you’ll know that I didn’t think it was possible to gain this kind of peace, but you’ll also know when God changed my mind because I shared it.


Before I get into the nitty gritty, I want to share the most important lesson I learnt this year, and it is thus, “There is a creator for everything. If you want to understand the purpose of something, you have to understand what the creator intended it for. God is the ultimate creator and designer of the world. To understand how the world is meant to work, you have to understand how God designed it.” In order to understand what I was created for, I had to find my source, and learn about my creator. This was the route to finding my purpose and peace. Accepting that although I don’t know exactly how my life will play out, the one who knows will reveal it to me little by little.

I am extremely grateful to God for the grace to learn this at a young age. I am not perfect, but I often think about how lost I would be in life without the purpose, identity and peace that I have found in Christ. Many of us struggle in life because we do not understand how to live it, and we resort to frustration. What if I tell you that there is another way? There’s a ‘How to live life” manual that God gives us, and it is the Bible. Reading the bible is my secret to living life the way God designed it to be lived.

‘God & I’ has been my rewarding relationship, and I initially wanted to name this post ‘My most fulfilling relationship ever’ (corny, I know). God has become so real to me that nothing can ever take him from me. I have learnt that a relationship with God is not about getting warm fuzzy feelings, it is challenging. It means diligently seeking him, even when you don’t feel like it, because your flesh can be weak. Choosing God literally means dying to your flesh every day, so it will be hard. You will make mistakes, you might fall back to old sins, but God will always be there to accept you right back, you don’t have to hide.


One thing I’m not trying to communicate is that life becomes rosy after you give your life to Christ. Definitely not, God does not promise us a world free of tribulations because we have destroyed the perfect world he made. So while he restores, and brings about the perfect world he intended to create, he promises us hope and acceptance. This means that even when things are not going right, and we face hardships, we can rest in God.

I know I’m not one to write this post, who am I even to talk? I live a pretty sheltered life and haven’t experienced pain like some people have. People have been through a lot, some have forgotten what the word ‘hope’ even means. I know I don’t understand your pain but I sympathize with you if you are reading this, and I promise you that God understands your pain more than you can ever think. He constantly looks down at the mess that his creation has become, the wickedness that has consumed human hearts, and it stabs his heart.

I encourage you today, if you are looking for this peace. I challenge you to give God a chance to invade your heart. The God I serve is not the God that the world has made him out to be. He is one who loves unconditionally not condemns, one who pursues not abandons, and he wants you to find rest for your soul. He will delight in you, and make you feel like the royalty that you are.

I know this because I have encountered him and his promises in ways that I cannot fathom. I could list my testimonies but no post will ever be long enough. Is it how in how he has given me security in a world of comparison? Or how he lets me experience dimensions of his love through the people he surrounds me with. He has never left me and he never will. I promise if you let him in today, it will be a journey, it will be a fight, but you will eventually find peace that no one will be able to steal from you.

Yours Truly….

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