My Style || Elegant Vs. Sophisticated

Hi Beautiful,


I thought a light post might do us some good this week. I realized I wore the same coat differently for my last two birthdays, and I want to hear your thoughts; what do you think of how I styled both looks? I love the effortless, elegant look I got from my wear last year, but I think I love the sophisticated look I wore this year even more. However, the decision is up to you, and I would love to hear your thoughts.

My coat is from



Check out more 2016 birthday pictures 




Get a similar faux fur scarf here

White pants also from Missguided

Shoes from Express


That’s it! A very light post that I hope brings a smile to your face today. Wishing you a pleasant day, and a more pleasant end of the year. Love you loads! Also, leave a comment, will ya 😉

Yours Truly…

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