2017 is a wrap! Thank you so much Jesus. I am in awe of you God, and this is my ode to you as this year comes to an end. I love you God, not because of anything I am but because of everything you are. I love you because you have have given me the privilege to know you. I didn’t do anything deserving to experience the greatness of my wonderful creator, but you chose to honor me with knowledge of you. I am standing here because you made a way, and I can’t thank you enough.

It is by your mercies that I have come to know the living and true God, not the God that people have made you out to be, but as my pure and loving father. I know you for exactly who you are, and in 2017, I realized how much you care for me and your other children. God, you care about your children, not just financially, or mentally but you care about everything that concerns us. I know this to be true because when I was younger, I saw you only as the God of Heaven and Hell. A God that blessed you when you obey him, and punished you when you don’t. Thank you for showing me that this is not who you are, and for taking the time to explain your true gospel to me.

Thank you God for helping me find my identity in you in 2017, an identity that you will not allow the world snatch away from me. Thank you for whispering sweet things to me and giving me confidence that doesn’t rely on comparison or envy to flourish. I make mistakes sometimes, but you tell me that my mistakes don’t define me, and I’m grateful. I am weak God, but I know your strength will uphold me and keep me in your path.

Thank you for the lessons learnt and relationships formed in 2017. Thank you for tearing me down to build me up; and knowing you, I know more lessons are coming. Thank you for giving me a preview of my purpose each day I wake up Jesus. I’m confused sometimes, but you tell me that you are working everything out. Thank you for giving me the hope to trust in you and rely on you. I’m learning to do this in all circumstances, but I’m confident that you’ll be patient with me while I grow. Thank you for giving me peace, good health and rest this year.

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Most importantly God, I’m thanking you for starting the process of renewing my mind in 2017. My mind was stained with sin since I was born, but since choosing you, you have been molding me into a new creation, and making my heart long for you and things that please you.

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From the depth of my heart and soul, I’m saying thank you God for everything. I love you more than life itself, and I’m excited for the new year!!!

If you read this post, I’m thankful for you. You’ve made it to the very end of 2017, and I pray that you make it into 2018. I know the year will not be perfect, but I pray that God, who created you will be by your side every second of the new year. I pray that 2018 is better than 2017, and that your mind is renewed for the new year. It is my desire that you will come to know the true and loving God in the new year just like I did this past year.

Love you! Happy New Year!!!!!!!


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