Life in the Spirit


For long I pondered this question: Why are a lot of Christians not as powerful as Christians used to be and can be? I’ll read my bible, and see power that Christians like Paul and Peter exhibited, and I’ll ask God why I don’t have the same power. Even before Christ came, men like Daniel and his friends experienced Gods power. I know that God is still as powerful as he was then, because he does not change. This knowledge drew me to the conclusion that we are the problem, that I am the problem. Surely, it is me doing something wrong if I do not possess the power that God has made accessible to Christians.I began to ask God for an answer, and he revealed it to me. It was simply this, ‘Holy Spirit’. When I got this, I decided to learn more about the Holy Spirit. I just finished my first book on the Spirit, and I am amazed. I had the answer all this while, but I never paid attention to it. The third person of God, the Holy Spirit is the key to exhibiting God’s power. We don’t talk about the Spirit enough, but the Spirit is equally as essential as Jesus Christ and God the Father.

It is the Spirit that lives in us when we accept Christ into our lives, after believing what he did for us. It is through the Holy Spirit that a Christian life is possible. It is the Holy Spirit that transforms us from our sinful nature into imitators of Christ. The Spirit was promised to us as a helper, and without the Spirit, we will try to be Christians by our strength, which will fail. It is through the Spirit that we bear spiritual fruits (love, joy, peace, patience….) that testify to unbelievers that we are saved. It is through the Spirit that spiritual gifts like prophesies and miracles are possible.

This is why many Christians are not as powerful as they can be. We have neglected the Holy Spirit and treated him as optional, instead of essential. We have access to the Spirit, but we do not unlock this access. We are even more powerful than those before us (those who lived before Christ died) because we have the Spirit dwelling within us, and they didn’t. It has been enlightening learning more about the Holy Spirit. I am greatly inspired, and thought I’d share my findings with you. I’m excited to learn more, and hopefully share as I learn.

Jesus had to die, so that we may have the Spirit in us. Read more in John 16.

The gist is that every believer has access to the Holy Spirit, the same spirit that raised Christ from the dead. Every believer can and should utilize this power within, so that we can be better witnesses of the gospel. All we need to do is ask the Holy Spirit for access!

I’m going to be asking God for greater access everyday, and I hope you will too ❤️.

7 thoughts on “Life in the Spirit

  1. I’ve fallen into a lot of these questions lately, the ones that have to do with the Holy Spirit and his presence in us. Hindering us from acting certain ways or ordering our steps. What I’ve learnt is, mostly it’s about our faith. Almost everything. Answered prayers depend on faith and then how we channel our mind to the principles.

    If there’s anything I want to grow at more this year, is for my mind to willfully expand to more knowledge of Him

    Idle head

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  2. Hey Oyin! Glad to read from one who is like minded with me. I went into a season of understanding Go’ds supernatural manifestation in our generation sometime last year aswell. The truth is that our generation of Christians are so ignorant about the power we actually possess as children of God. we accept to walk in 1/2 of what we actually can do, instead of chasing the whole entire thing. It is only through the Holy Spirit that we can do great signs and wonders. Everyone who believes in Christ has the holy spirit in them. But not everyone has received the baptism of the holy spirit. They are not the same. The disciples, apostles, prophets in the bible all received the baptism of the holy spirit before they could prophesy, deliver, heal and etcs. May God help us in this journey. And may we possess all that belongs to us in Christ Jesus.

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    1. Joan, you hit the nail on the head. It’s refreshing understanding the power we possess through the Holy Spirit right? Thank you for reading, and sharing your knowledge beautiful. I’m about to catch up on your posts hahaa.

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  3. Wow. I really don’t know why it took me so long to read this. I’m at a point in my life too where I’m getting to understand the importance of the Holy Spirit. He is the best person to have conversations with. If you can, read good morning holy spirit by Benny Hinn. it is a great book.


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