How to be on social media and not be drained #Soulgoals

No one loves social media more than me. Actually that’s a lie, a lot of people love social media more than I do. The point is, I am a sucker for social platforms (God bless those innovators), especially Instagram because I share experiences, pictures, and connect with people easily on it. However, I’m not oblivious to the sunken hole that social media can become. I know this because I’ve almost gone there. Not knowingly, but I started using social media as a coping mechanism when something wasn’t right within. It was easy to recognize that I was getting to this point because I’ve always known how to balance my media presence and state of mind. I never allow people’s posts phase me because I know it’s the best part of their lives, and everyone hides the bad. However, I wasn’t thinking about all these when I needed the socials to take my mind off reality. I’m not sure if this happens to other people, so let me know of your experience.

Thankfully, my church went on a fast during this period and instead of fasting from food per usual, I decided to go on a social media fast. God was telling me that I needed to get unplugged, in order to plug into him deeply. Nothing else could fill up my thirsty soul other than connection with my creator, and so I did. I don’t lie when I tell you that I didn’t even miss the socials after a while (though it was hard initially). It wasn’t that I didn’t want to be online, but I didn’t feel like I needed to scroll aimlessly through the gram to feel something (good) anymore. I found joy in God instead, and this brought me to a realization:

Social media is good! Idolizing it is the problem. Nothing should take the place of God in our lives, and if we analyze how high of a pedestal we have put social media in our lives, we’ll see that it’s too high. I’m not saying drop off the socials, definitely not. As I mentioned earlier, I am a social media advocate, but these are a few things to keep in mind for balance

Remain plugged into your source, not your social: God is your source, and without him, you are lost. Social media is not your source, and you shouldn’t try to make it so. When you wake up in the morning, are you reaching for Instagram (the gram), or are you reaching for prayer? The answer to this is important; if you’re reaching for the former, change is needed. When you are bored, do you find yourself scrolling aimlessly? Not even for funny memes, which are important. Take back your time, and do something else. It’s necessary for you to use that time to work on yourself, and develop your talents instead. Why not pick up a book? Read your bible even. I relate with this because I’ve been guilty of it, and I didn’t realize it at the time, but it was draining. Don’t get me wrong, social media can be where your craft/talent lies, and you being on it is improving your talent. That’s a good thing, and you’ll know when in your heart when this is true.

Understand that social media is a facade: I put my best life on the gram, you do it too, everyone does. If we know that we put up our best lives on social platforms, why do we think others aren’t doing the same? Take yourself for example, when you put up a post on Instagram, that doesn’t guarantee you’re smiling through the day. Know that everyone is living it up on the gram either to encourage people, showcase their lives, or for fun. This doesn’t guarantee a happy life, and when you fully understand this, you’ll gain so much peace.

Social media is not your happy place! It’s sad that there are more people depressed and lonely in this social media age, where we all seem to be more connected. When my mom told me this, I didn’t want to believe her, but it’s true. We are losing real life connections. The easiest way I can explain this point is this: whenever you’re dealing with an issue, that’s the time to ditch social media, and tackle whatever issue you’re dealing with. Don’t ignore your feelings, and seek comfort on social media. You can get more depressed thinking people’s lives are perfect, while yours isn’t (which is a lie). I’ve done this, and I’m sure you have too. I’m grateful that God told me I was doing this as soon as I started, and he ordered me to drop it.

Unfollow some accounts to protect your peace if you have to. I’ve unfollowed some accounts on social media, not because they weren’t great accounts because they were. I had to either because their contents weren’t pouring good things into me, or I didn’t need the persuasion their posts were yielding.

There’s much more to be delved into on this topic of social media, but I’ll stop here today. I love working on posts like this, getting real and talking about real life issues that we face. This is what life should be about, encouraging each other through the journey.

This is what the blog is about, and I don’t know why, but I feel the need to emphasize that. You are always welcome to share, and open up on here. I can’t wait to read your comments.

p.s: From this post, you should have an idea why I didn’t blog for two months. God was teaching me a lot, and I was being a good student (receiving much, before giving).



10 thoughts on “How to be on social media and not be drained #Soulgoals

  1. Giiiirl, l felt this post on a spiritual level 🙌! I’m also obsessed about social media but l do unplug every now and then to remind myself who l am because it’s sooo easy to lose yourself when you are so deeply immersed in social media 🌼

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  2. So many good points that you stated but my favorite is “whenever we are dealing with an issue we tend to ditch social media” for me I know I did this plenty of times, and I never wanted to see others happy when I wasn’t happy. Through the grace of God I have grown and I have become better when it comes to using social media and dealing with life issue. Thanks for this blog post it’s a fresh reminder
    Ily !!!

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