Statement Pieces

Hi Beautiful,

Your occasional style blogger is back (I only do outfit posts when I feel called to, hence the title).

Background story: This post has been sitting in drafts since December. I had gotten cute accessories that I wanted to share, but I needed quality pictures to show the beauty of each piece. Those pictures weren’t taken until Spring break, which was last week.
Younger me was into stacking up plenty accessories at a time, but lately, I’m into minimal but statement accessories. This post showcases my recent favorites; let me know which ones you fall in love with.
I got these gorgeous earrings from Walmart for $2 each. Not much of an investment, but they feel like it. Next time you visit Walmart, make sure you look for them or similar earrings.
It’s almost spring/summertime, that means it’s time to ditch those winter boots for sandals. Sandals are faves, from heeled to flat, plain to colorful. They don’t seem like it, but sandals do elevate looks.

These black sandals with the jewels are from, while the yellow sandals are thrifted.


Other accessories include mesh tops, like my rose top. You can wear it over a casual outfit like I did in this picture. Both the mesh top and skirt are from Forever21.
That’s all for now, I’ll keep you updated with more statement pieces, as I find them. Before you exit the tab, I want to hear from you. Which of these pieces would you rock and why? What statement items do you possess and recommend?
Thanks for reading.

2 thoughts on “Statement Pieces

  1. Can’t believe those sandals were thrifted! So so cute. And I love the earrings too, the outfit. Actually everything 😂. I’m also into minimal accessories and currently trying to stock up on them cause I lost almost all my jewelry during the move from Cameroon to SA 😭. But it’s an opportunity to get new stuff so I’m excited all the same 😊


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