Sermons that will feed your Soul! On Dating and Sex

Hey there,

You probably know this, but in case you’re new here, my name is Oyinlola, and I’m Christian, not the type to shy from real conversations though. I believe Jesus came to challenge our wrong mindsets through his word (he had conversations all through the bible), so our hearts can be transformed. This is why I appreciate pastors/ministers who deliver unfiltered sermons, through empowerment of the Spirit. No longer should Christians pretend that they are not affected by relationship and sex issues. Truth is, we do think about dating and sex, and for a long time, the church avoided delving into these matters. This means young people like me have been learning about relationships and sex from the world, and we’ve been struggling. These issues affect us and if we do not learn what God has to say about them, we’ll never attain his fullness for our lives.Thankfully, that’s a thing of the past, due to the sermons like the ones below.

1. If you haven’t heard of Pastor Mike Todd, where have you been? This sermon will change your whole life! The Holy Spirit is speaking through this man and every statement will minister to you. You’ll learn how to go about relationships the way God intends through this sermon. You also have to watch the entire series! This first episode talks about things God wants to birth in you before you meet your future spouse.

2. You’ve most likely heard of Elevation church (the church of the millennial). This is unfiltered sermon about sex, and it had me shook. It was the first time I heard a pastor talk about sex openly in the church, and it wasn’t strange. This is how it should be!

In conclusion, God created relationships and sex, and he has a lot to say about them. You’ll be blessed by these sermons.

When you’re done watching the sermons, let’s chat below! I’m excited to read your thoughts. Also, let me know if you’ve watched these sermons or other sermons that have helped you in the area of sex and relationships.



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