#Testimony: Going for God or Self?

Hey everyone!

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My name is Allie Edwards. I want to share with you how I began incorporating my faith into my art, and how it is helping me work towards God’s calling in my life. I hope this will give you insight into how you can learn about God’s calling in your life, using a visual tool called “GPS”. First, I’ll let you all know who I am!

Originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, I moved 300 miles east to Philadelphia one year ago. I am a junior transfer student at Temple University studying art education. I am a part of a campus ministry called Every Nation Campus. This ministry welcomed me so warmly and helped shape me into who I am now. ENC introduced me to my church and a family of believers who help me in my walk and vice versa. I cannot stress enough how important community for strengthening your faith. Finding my community this year at school has strengthened my faith immensely and helped me grow in my boldness of character and passion to pursue dreams.

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One big thing I have learned this year at Temple is that God gives you dreams and passions for a reason. When you decided to go for God instead of going for self, He provides what is necessary for you to chase those dreams and walk in your calling.  At the ENC Conference this February, Pastor Donnell Jones spoke to the several hundred students about finding your  calling in life using a visual called GPS. Imagine a venn diagram with three circles: the first is G – God’s grace which is in us and has to be recognized. The second circle is P – passion, what you have caught a love for? The last overlapping circle is S – skills, what have you practiced and sharpened? Your calling lies in the middle of these three overlapping circles.

This sermon of his helped me find a practical way of understanding where I stand in life, it helped me discover what to pray about in regards to my calling. I have since realized my GPS is: God’s unfailing grace, a passion for people, and skills in the arts. Upon realizing this, it was easier to take steps in the direction of my calling. I began using skills in the various art forms to bring glory to God and make a way for God to be a topic of conversation in classrooms. To walk further in my passion for people, I began making it a point to be more loving to others outwardly even when I’m tired or stressed. Intentionally sharpening my GPS helped me pursue my calling and that brings me to my new endeavor with SendMe Studio.

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Recently, I started a (really) small business incorporating ministry into my art. SendMe Studio is an independent, creative workshop specializing in screen printing shirts by hand. I am using my arts to create Christian tees and the funds support ministry endeavors. This summer I am going to a four week gospel leadership training school in Durham North Carolina followed by an internship with E3 partners to plant churches in an extremely under-churched region in Colombia. Being a missionary has been on my heart for a while, and walking intentionally in the three aspects of the GPS has helped me step out in this calling with boldness and fearlessness. I have the faith that God is bigger than circumstance or uncertainty, He is faithful to those who walk boldly and with purpose to fulfill His calling in their lives. I’m grateful that using my skills in art will help me pursue my passion for loving God’s people through sharing the gospel and planting churches in missions.

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I’m very proud of my roommate Allie. All the photos above are from her brand, Sendmestudio (follow on Instagram). Her heart behind this inspires me in several ways. I’m glad she agreed to share her story with us, and I hope it inspires you too. If you would like to support Allie’s mission, you can purchase a shirt via this website. If you just want one of these beautiful shirts to slay in, get one too! I’ve already gotten mine. Send me a picture or tag me on Instagram when you do! Can’t wait to see.

Also, this is the face behind this post, in case you were curious (meet the beautiful Allie).




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