Where to PARK yourself this Summer (Philly Edition)

Hey Everyone,


It’s Summertime! Everyone’s favorite time of the year, especially students. We are always excited for the long holiday and are constantly on the hunt for fun activities and places to visit. That is why this post exits.

If you’re in Philadelphia for the summer, this post is for you. Philly has lots of special places to visit and I’ve realized that my favorite spots in the city are its parks. Although, the city is home to numerous parks, the three mentioned below are my top and I tell you why…

1. Spruce Street Harbor Park, Penns Landing: The harbor park is a located along the Delaware river and it’s designed to give the feel of an urban beach. There’s a boardwalk, food, ice cream trucks, harbors on site, rides on the river, and a beautiful view of the river that makes a good background photo. There are also concerts, festivals, and movie nights happening summer long on the park. That’s why this park is a fav! Check out visitphilly.com for more info and event dates.

Address: 301 S Christopher Columbus Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19106




2. Next on my list is a beautiful rooftop park, Cira Green. You heard that right, it’s a rooftop park! You can organize a picnic with friends, which I did. For a fun picnic, bring some food, snacks, games, blankets, and a speaker (make sure your music isn’t too loud, because there’ll be other people on site). Most importantly, bask in the gorgeous view of Philly’s skyline from the elevated park.

Address: 80 S 30th St, Philadelphia, PA 19104




3. Fairmount Park: The first thing I have to say about this park is how huge it is. I’ve been there about 3 times now and I find myself in a different section each time. So, I’ll tell you to make this park a days’ trip or visit on multiple occassions . The pictures below are from my first visit with my girlfriends.

We walked along a path that led us to the steps of the Philadelphia Art museum and the beautiful Schuylkill river. There are other sites to see in the park such as; a botanical garden, a Japanese House and Garden (charges a fee to enter), and more. I’ve seen people host barbecues and grill at the park. There’s definitely a lot to do at Fairmount, so plan accordingly (plan to walk a lot too, don’t be like me).

Address: Since the park is huge, you have to pick a spot to start, and explore from there. Google Maps is your best friend.




Art Museum steps photo:


That’s it, my three must visit parks in Philly.  Wishing you a fabulous summer. Let me know if you plan to visit any of these parks, and what your thoughts are.

As I mentioned earlier, Philly is home to numerous parks, and these are some more you should visit:

Rittenhouse Square

Washington Square

Logan Square

Franklin Square

Philly’s famous Love Park

Dilworth Park in Center City



P.s: You should check out this old post for other Summer ideas. I’m working on more summer related content, so watch this space.

Pp.s: Shoutout to my friend, Sarah for coming up with the best name for this post 😉

5 thoughts on “Where to PARK yourself this Summer (Philly Edition)

  1. Your summer outfits are so cute!!! I’m highkey jealous cause we’re in the middle of winter in South Africa and it’s boarder line freezing temperatures. I honestly cannot wait for beautiful sunny summer days to have fun! I also love going to parks…generally being outdoors during summer is a must! 💞💞😊


      1. Winter ends around August. It even snows here in some places 😭😭… My tropical skin was not ready for this 😂😂. I need the good luck foreal!He


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