Let’s Chat: 2 Years Blogging, 100 Blog Posts + Updates


Mama we made it! My little blog is now 2 years, we reached 100 blog posts with my last post, and I’m thinking I deserve some accolades. Thank you to everyone who has been here since the beginning of my blogging journey, and those who joined along the way. Your support means the world to me. Cheers to many more years 🎉.

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Moving forward, here are some blog updates I want you to know about. Your thoughts and opinions on the updates will be highly appreciated, so keep reading, and please leave a comment below.

Testimony Series: I put up a personal testimony post, and my roommate shared hers on the blog in April. These posts prompted me to start a testimony series on the blog. Anyone can be a part of this, all you have to do is send me a message telling me you want to share a testimony, and we’ll go from there. I will also reach out to certain people asking them to share their stories on the blog to inspire us. As the bible says, we overcome by the power of our testimonies (life stories). This could not be farther from the truth as people’s stories encourage, challenge and motivate me. I know you’ll benefit from the stories that people will share here. These will be monthly posts, that’ll be featured on the Guest posts page.

Travel: Your girl put up a travel page on the blog! On this page, I want to document highlights of places I travel to. I’ll be documenting places to visit, sights to see, things to do, and hopefully funny things I experience during my travels. Also, I may or may not be traveling a lot this Fall, so stay updated by subscribing to the blog. You don’t want to miss those juicy travel posts if I do. My first post on the travel page is up, and it had to be a post about the city which I’m currently living, Philadelphia. Check it out here.

Lastly, I’ve always wanted to write about Singleness and waiting, but I was waiting to share once I was done with the season. I remember telling myself last year that people will probably laugh at my posts on singleness and dating because I won’t have anything significant to share. I mean, won’t people rather listen to those who have been through the phase, and scaled through successfully? Meaning those who waited, and are now booed up. On the other hand, I’m thinking those who are sharing now are older, and young people (like us) might not to relate to them. I think it might be better to hear from others like ourselves, who are single presently. Those who can actively express the highs, talk about lows, and how they overcome. I wrote a post about Singleness, and everyone took the post well, which encouraged me. This might mean more posts in the future.

Please help me out with my dilemma. Would you like to gain insights about singleness, waiting and dating from someone your age?

If you have any suggestions on how any of these posts can go, please let me know below, or through the Let’s connect page. I’m excited for these new updates, and I hope you are too.

Love you,


p.s: The Ankara dress, and smile on my face in these photos are celebratory.


6 thoughts on “Let’s Chat: 2 Years Blogging, 100 Blog Posts + Updates

  1. Congratulations on there growth of your blog! Cheers to more years and contents and zero frustrating experiences!
    Ps: the ankara looks great on you. The smile is a bonus ☺️

    Idle head


  2. Congratulations Girl!
    This Ankara dress looks really good on you… 🙂
    Errrmmm, I don’t think you have to be booed up first before you get to talk about singleness, waiting and even relationships. Under the inspiration of God, Paul in the bible did write a lot of wise things in the bible about singleness, marriage that both single and married people are using today. So yeah, you can too. Plus I enjoyed your singleness post and I’d love to read more of that on here.


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