I bring you Good News!

**Hang tight, this is a long post, but it is very interesting.


I’ve been following Christ for two years now, and I’m very passionate about him. Last week, I asked God to bring me back to the foundation of Christianity, so I could tell people about him effectively. He brought me into the book of Acts, which is filled with stories of how the early church started. There are some profound sermons and stories shared by the pioneers of the early church (Peter, Paul, Stephen, etc.) These men were effective in preaching the gospel to people who knew about God (Jews), and those who did not (Gentiles). Reading Acts has motivated me to share the gospel with as much detail as I can. I’ll encourage you to read this post, and proceed to read Acts for more in depth understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ.


The world began when God created the heavens and the earth, out of nothing (Genesis 1). God made everything and humans so he could lavish them with love. Humans are meant to worship God and fill the earth with his glory. However, this didn’t happen because the first humans did not trust God enough. God in his all knowing ability knew the existence of good and evil. He didn’t want to burden humans with choosing between good and bad all the time, so he told them not to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. The point wasn’t about humans eating or not eating a fruit, it was God wanting his creation to trust him to know what’s good. He expected them to obey him, because he knew what was best for them,  he created them after all. However, the humans decided to choose good and evil for themselves by eating from the tree.

Humans disobeying God in the beginning indicates that we often fall into the temptation of doing our own thing, instead of obeying the one who knows what’s best for us (to put it plainly). This was the beginning of sin entering earth and altering God’s perfect plan. If only humans had trusted God’s goodness from the beginning, brokenness in the world would have never occurred.

Though God’s ultimate plan has been delayed by evil, his plan has not been deterred. He has a plan to restore the earth to perfection again. His restoration plan has been in motion since day 1, and it started with God choosing Abraham to be the patriarch of the nation of Israel. He chose Israel so that through them he might show everyone else that he was the one true God. He did this because at that time, people worshiped different idols, and had no clear understanding of who their creator was.

God made a covenant with the people of Israel. He gave them laws to follow, so that they would be set apart from the rest of the world, and his presence was with them. The Israelites were called to be different so that they could testify to other nations that they were serving the true God. The story of Israel continued as the nation that was meant to be for God, turned away from him. This led to a series of disasters on the nation, but God rescued them miraculously on several occasions. This proved to other nations that the God of the Israel was the one true God, but because of the Israel’s rebellion, others could not see clearly.

Fast forward, Israel was destroyed because of its evil ways and disobedience, and the people were exiled from their land by Assyria and Babylon (Read more about this in 1st and 2nd Kings). God knew that the Israelites could not effectively be his witnesses, so he made a new covenant with them, promising to send them a Messiah (savior) to deliver them from their oppressors. The Israelites expected the savior to come in the form of royalty, but that wasn’t God’s plan. His plan was not to elevate Israel, but to rid the world of evil once and for all.


He did this through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. Jesus wasn’t just a prophet who performed miracles, and lived a good life. He was God taking on human nature, living a life with no sin, to show us that it is possible to live like him. The entire bible was pointing to him as the one to come, and he did come. Prophets prophesied about him hundreds of years before he came ( Prophet Jeremiah, Isaiah, Joel, etc.). He didn’t come majestically like we would have liked, but he came as the savior of the world nonetheless. To save us from the greatest evil of all time, which is our sinful nature of turning away from God. God made him who knew no sin become sin for us, by offering his perfect life as a complete atonement for evil.


Jesus is the epitome of God’s undeniable love for us. I mean, God could wipe humans off the face of the planet for all the pain and grieve we have caused each other and him, but he doesn’t. He continually chases after us even though we to turn away from him. The story isn’t over yet, it continues today, and it will continue until the Jesus comes back. Then, the people who choose God on earth will be restored to God’s presence as he intended for it to be in the beginning, in a world without evil. However, before Jesus comes back, we have to keep living in this fallen world, and how is that even possible?

Well, it is possible by receiving the free gift of the salvation. We can truly know God by hearing the good news of Jesus Christ, believing it, and accepting him as Lord and Savior of our lives. Then God’s holy spirit comes to live inside of us. The Spirit engages with our spirit to give us the desire and power to do what pleases God (Philippians 2:13). Since we literally have God’s spirit now, we are capable of pleasing him in a way that we never could before. We come to love God because of the realization of all he has done for us, not because we are obliged to. The indwelling of the Holy Spirit in us then fulfills what the law failed to achieve, and that’s the good news.

The gospel is honestly simple, it’s the story of a perfect father desiring a relationship with his imperfect children. Everything else comes after.

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I am compelled to share the gospel because it is the most important story. If you’re Christian or you’ve been going to church since from a young age, you might have heard this a thousand times. You might know God to an extent, but maybe you don’t really understand what you believe in. I’m encouraging you today to dig deeper because what you believe is real. God is real, and Jesus is real! Go back to the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John to remind yourself of this truth.

I’m also writing this for you, who have never heard the gospel. Maybe, you’ve heard it before but it didn’t make sense, I hope the reality hits you today. You are made by a loving God, who is chasing after you despite all odds. The story of the world is not about a controlling creator doesn’t really care about us. The story is about a God who cares too much to leave us in our mess. God doesn’t just demands us to just follow rules, he wants us to know and love him. When we truly grasp this in our heads and hearts, we can learn to appreciate our good God, and genuinely desire a relationship with him through Jesus Christ (the true way to God). Then, we will be able to live on earth the way we were designed to, which is living in God, and glorifying him with everything.

I know this was a long post, but I did not want to leave anything out. Please share your thoughts below, and share what the gospel means to you, even if you are not Christian. I would love to hear your opinion, and continue the conversation.



3 thoughts on “I bring you Good News!

  1. I really love how you’ve written this. Surely you were guided by the Spirit. You highlighted key truths in plain language to the understanding of the believer and those yet to come to the faith. I pray the Lord blesses you for this work you do for Him!


  2. I really love how you’ve written this. Surely you were guided by the Spirit. You highlighted key truths in plain language to the understanding of the believer and those yet to come to the faith. I pray the Lord blesses you for this work you do for Him!


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