Study Abroad in Italy (One Month Recap)

Hello beautiful!

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If you haven’t heard, your girl is studying abroad this Fall in Rome, Italy! That’s right, I’m escaping Philly for a few months to live in the Eternal city. I can’t believe it has been a month since I arrived here. I am grateful for this experience and to my school, Temple University for providing students with this opportunity. My plan is to summarize my weekly Study Abroad experiences on the blog. However, I was lazy and failed to document my first month, so you’ll be getting a detailed summary of my past month in this post, and weekly posts after. I hope this post won’t be too long, I’m just trying to carry you along as much as possible, I hope you enjoy reading it.  I’ll be sharing the good and bad, no ugly yet. 

Week 1:

My first week in Rome was a tad bit difficult. I was jet lagged and had orientation the entire week, I had zero knowledge of Italian which made communication difficult. I’m pretty sure I was hungry all week because the food here is not as heavy or filling as American or Nigerian food (something my belly is still getting used to). These factors made the week stressful but the weekend was much better. On Saturday, some new friends and I visited Vatican City (headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church). We enjoyed a nice Italian style dinner afterwards, meaning pizza, pasta and wine (it was glorious). On Sunday, we had a school trip to Todi, a small medieval town in Italy. After exploring Todi all morning, we enjoyed a nice lunch in a farmhouse in Umbria. We were treated to an exquisite full course meal and wine. I was pleasantly surprised that Temple University spoilt us this way (in my head, I thought ‘tuition well spent’). 

Museum in Vatican City
Museum in Vatican City
Todi, Italy
Todi, Italy

A random highlight of my first week was walking to the Trevi Fountain after orientation one day. It was my first touristy thing to do in Rome, you can imagine how excited I was.

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Week 2:

This week was interesting, it was tougher than week 1 simply because I caught a cold. So, in addition to getting used to life in Italy, resuming school, and starting an internship, I was sick. My mood was ruined that week and I was sleepy in my classes but I was determined to feel better. I went to the pharmacy for some medicine, thank God they spoke English. I cooked, ate, drank tea and rested well. In addition, I planned a day trip to Capri, because I was like, I’m in Italy, I can’t be wasting my time feeling sick and miserable. That was a great idea I because Capri is the most beautiful place I’ve been to, considering I had never been to an island. I had a beautiful day exploring the Island, officially felt like I was abroad and ready to live my life. I also felt better health- wise by the end of the day, I believe the  islands’ beauty cured me haha.


Week 3:

The biggest testimony of week 3 is, I found a church!! I had given up on finding a church in Rome because every time I searched, only Italian speaking churches popped up. I made my peace with listening to sermons on Sunday and live streaming church services from my Philadelphia church. However, God had other plans, he heard my prayers! I was going home from school one evening when I saw adverts of a new church in Rome in the subway. The church, Vive church is a Californian church that was expanding to Rome with an English service on Sunday evenings. I couldn’t have been happier. That Sunday, a friend from school and I checked out the Vive.Roma and loved it! We also met another American who was studying abroad at the church, and we’re planning to hang out (it’s so great!) Before I forget, I went to Tivoli on an Art class trip the day before. If you’ve watched Lizzie McGuire, the famous Disney movie that was shot in Rome, you know what I’m talking about. It’s the beautiful place in the picture below. In the movie, it’s where Paolo and Lizzie went to rehearse before their concert. It was a great idea to take my Art class in Italy!

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p.s: I watched Lizzie McGuire  for the first time when I got to Rome (don’t judge me).

Week 4:

This has been my favorite week so far. I wasn’t sick, I was getting used to school and thanks to my Italian class, I could order food and carry basic conversations in Italian. I had an interesting weekend planned to Salerno/ Almafi Coast, which turned out to be the best weekend! There was a festival in Salerno that weekend, so we had genuine fun in town on Friday night. There was a carnival, fireworks display, and we played uno on the beach. On Saturday, we took a ferry from Salerno to the popular Almafi Coast, and spent the day on the beach there. It was a less touristy weekend, but a fun and relaxing one nonetheless.

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I’ve had an exciting month in Italy. I enjoyed a summer like never before visiting the Southern Italian coastline and Capri. It’s interesting being immersed in a new culture, learning inside and outside the classroom. I’m super grateful for this experience, I’ve said thank you to God a million times for the opportunity to be here. I’m also grateful to Temple University. I’m looking forward to exploring more of Italy and other European countries (do stay tuned). I’m also excited to share my experiences with you here.

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Let me know if you enjoyed this post. If not, let me know how I can improve the next post for your reading pleasure.

Thank you so much for reading, I wish you a beautiful weekend!

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