Birthday Post: 20 things I’m ‘Grapeful’ For

I saw this shirt this past summer and I got it because I like the play on the word ‘grateful’. It’s December now and when I look back on how much of a ride it has been since summer, I can’t help but express gratitude. I started writing this post months ago, reminding myself of things I’m grateful for on separate occasions, and taking notes. Although, there are more than twenty things to be grateful for, I share the twenty reasons that came to mind. Life is not always rosy, but gratitude helps you believe as I have learnt. I hope you are encouraged by this and remember to be ‘Grapeful’ today.

I am so grateful for life. The fact that I’m alive and breathing today is a miracle.

I am grateful to God; for his unending grace and love.

I am grateful for my Mama and Papa, ak.ka. my parents.

I am grateful for my three gorgeous sisters!

I am super grateful for amazing friends and community.

I am grateful for my education and the opportunity to study abroad.

I’m grateful for life experiences and exposure. Thankful for the good, bad, and ugly.

I’m grateful for my spiritual background. I love that I’m from a country and family where most people know there is a spiritual world as well as a physical one. This might not seem that important but it is to me! A lot of people think Nigerians are too spiritual, which might be true but do you know what our eyes have seen?

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I’m grateful for the internet, social media precisely. I know social media can take its toll on us but I am super grateful for it. The ability to connect with people virtually is one I appreciate. I get inspired, motivated, and genuinely have deep love and respect for some people I come across online. I enjoy scrolling and stumbling on someones’ inspiring journey. Several people online have encouraged and ignited a fire in me without knowing it. If you are a social media influencer or you just post for fun, I am thankful for you. You have most likely impacted someone in a meaningful way at one point, keep inspiring.

My virtual mentors: I’m grateful for people online that motivate me. This goes hand in hand with my social media point.

I’m also grateful for comedy/skits online. I have laughed with abandon and enjoyed myself with some of these videos. Shout out to @Maraji_ and @Falzthebahdguy on Instagram especially.

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I am so grateful for music. Lord knows what life would be without music providing healing or soothing the soul when needed.

I am grateful for the ability to rest and have peace. I have tasted anxiety and worry, still taste the bitter pill form time to time, so I know how sweet peace tastes like. the ability to live life with the assurance that my father in heaven holds my future in his hands helps me rest and go after my purpose.

Speaking of purpose, I am grateful to have one and a passion for it. Waking up everyday without a purpose for one’s creation will be futile and meaningless. My God-given purpose fuels my passion and drives me daily.

I am grateful for financial provision.

I am grateful for good health.

I am grateful for my self- confidence. I know what life was like with little self- confidence and always needing people’s approval and that makes me appreciate how far I’ve come. Thank you Jesus for helping me love myself!

I am grateful for 2018! Oh what a year, a year filled with unforgettable experiences and travels. An unforgettable year.

I am grateful for Hope. Hope in people, hope for Nigeria, hope for the world that is to come. I am grateful that I am able to hope for better always, though others might lose hope.

I am grateful for much more than I can remember right now, but how can I forget? I am grateful to be 20. Happy birthday to me! Two decades on earth have been interesting, let’s see what the future holds, shall we? I have a feeling it will be great!

Love you. What are you grateful for?

9 thoughts on “Birthday Post: 20 things I’m ‘Grapeful’ For

  1. Grateful for your blog and its contents. Happy Birthday to you ! May God continue to bless and keep you, today and always 🙂


    1. Awwww this is the sweetest comment, thank you so much for the love. I’m sorry I saw this late. Merry Christmas and happy new year in advance to you girl. I pray God blesses you with your heartfelt desires and prayers in 2019!

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