10 Christian Declarations During Uncertain Times

Humans are roller coasters of emotions on a regular and the current crisis is not helping our anxious and fearful hearts. That’s why I have chosen not to let my emotions rule my life. I’m choosing instead to put my trust and hope in God who never changes and whose words are eternal. I’m choosing to pray and declare His truth over my life and the world. Since I know many of us may be struggling with praying in this season, I have compiled some Declarations for a time like this. These prayers are personal and global, as they speak to individual hearts and cooperate needs. So, speak these words over and over until you feel the atmosphere change. Until your spirit aches so much that you can’t help but pray. Some of these are bible verses, while others are things that I feel in the depth of my heart to believe for.

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Here’s My Life Update before the World Ends

Hi Friend,

You didn’t think I was done blogging, did you? I hope not because I could never. However, I took a major (way too long) break and haven’t written a blog post since December 2018. This was while I was studying abroad and a lot has happened since then, like your girl graduated from University! So, before I continue, let me tell you that you can now refer to me as ‘BIG FISH’ 😂.

Since the world is ending and COVID19 (corona virus) is taking over, I thought now was the perfect time to end my one year blogging hiatus and say hi to my virtual friends. It’s been on my mind to write a post for a long time now and I wish I could tell you why I stopped writing, but I have no good excuse.

Eeerrr.. actually, that is a lie. I know exactly why I stopped writing and it’s because I let anxiety and fear rule my life in 2019. You know when something tragic happens to your favorite celebrity and they go off they the grid for sometime, that was kind of the case. Not saying I’m a celebrity or even close, but I can relate to why it’s difficult for people to be creative when they’re in a funk. They can’t do anything motivating since they’re feeling anything but inspired, and that’s how I was.

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