An Encouraging Letter to the Graduating Class of 2020

Congratulations Class of 2020!! You are so worthy of being celebrated, you made IT! A special shoutout to my girlfriends (Ekemini, Evi, and Joy), I love you ❤️. I know this is not how you imagined your graduation would be all those years ago. Your family and friends were meant to have flown into your city from across the globe, flowers in hand, camera ready smiles on their faces, excited to celebrate YOU.

Nonetheless, you are graduating during a unique time and you have a STORY for the ages. The next generation will be in awe of your strength as you graduate virtually, during a global pandemic. Those sleepless nights of you worrying if this day would ever come, late nights at the library, the unpaid internships, and stressful group projects have finally paid off. And although you might not know exactly what your next steps are, I want you to take the next week off to relax and bask in your accomplishment.

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