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I’m Oyinlola Atinsola, and you’re welcome to my blog. I’m basically a teen navigating through life, and journaling as I go. I’m at that stage of life where I’m figuring out myself, taking my education seriously, plugging deeper into my spiritual life and my relationship with God. Exploring new and sometimes scary adventures, deciding what relationships need to stay in my life and which ones to let go of, making mistakes and knowing that it is okay to make them.

Choosing a future career path that will bring me success, a lifelong sense of accomplishment, and make an impact to the global community. I’m definitely not close to where I am going to be, but I had an urge to create a platform that’ll share my trivial amazing experiences with friends.

I share experiences surrounding my faith, beauty, things or adventures I’m loving and my outfits. I’m hopeful that you’ll enjoy this journey with me.

Happy Exploring!