What is ‘The Wait’?


This book right here is a must read! It is such a loaded book and no one will understand how much I love it. Just to show how much I want you to read this book, I decided to write a summary of what I learnt from it.

The wait: When most people think of waiting until marriage, the popular idea is to think of it as holding on to your virginity till you meet ‘the one’ that one person designated by God to be your lover/husband. At least this was what I thought till I read this book, but after reading, I came to realize that a lot of people wait for the wrong reasons. In fact, most people don’t understand the wait or why they are waiting at all. The wait not only means putting off sex, it means waiting physically, mentally and emotionally till you are a hundred percent sure that you are ready to commit to someone. You are waiting when you are working on yourself and not being idle waiting for Mr. or Mrs. right to come along. You are eating right, exercising if you need to, educating yourself, learning new things, basically dating yourself and loving yourself before you let someone into your life romantically like the saying goes, ‘You can’t love anyone till you learn to love yourself’.

Don’t wait for the wrong reasons: Don’t practice the wait just because you see your friends doing it or because you think you will go to hell if God catches you fornicating. Truth is, fornication is no greater sin than lying is, and I bet you lie all the time. Instead, practice the wait because you want the fullness of God’s special package for you. You want to wait because you know that you want to share yourself emotionally and physically with someone who loves you but loves God more, someone who you love everything about and you’re not just managing the person because of lust,that person who will be your partner in this earthly and spiritual race. God is so merciful that even if you decide not to wait, He will bless you, maybe not to the full potential if you had waited but He won’t let you suffer.

Practice the wait because you want to hold God to His promises and receive your blessings in full from him. It won’t be easy because sex has become the norm in this world, your friends might call you a baby if you tell them that you want to wait till marriage but only you understands your covenant with God and if they won’t support you, then you know they are not your real friends anyways.Waiting does not have to be about keeping your virginity alone because even after losing your virginity, you can  choose to wait and you will be fine. Waiting also means not rushing to give yourself emotionally to someone and equip the person with the tools to hurt you until you are sure that he/she is your husband/wife.

I learnt all these from this book and I didn’t even cover half of it, if you liked this post and want to read more about ‘The Wait’, you can get the book from Amazon. The book is a powerful practice for finding the love of your life and the life you love.