Life as it is




Good friends, I mean really good friends are hard to come by. I remember back in  high school, having a best friend was the in thing for a while. I never had one, wasn’t even bothered about getting one because I had my support system already. I was blessed with a wonderful mom, sisters I wanted strangle sometimes  but still love and I was close to a lot of different people. I thought life would stay that way, that I would always have the same friends and people around me, but when I would tell my mom that,  she would just laugh and tell me to wait and see and I truly did. I’ve come to learn that people grow up, you outgrow some friends who you were oh so close with in high school because you would see yourselves in the classroom everyday. You move on to college abroad and distance, time difference and life all get in the way. Some will hate you, attack you, refuse to give you a chance to explain, say you don’t check up on them when they never check up on you, you’ll cry sometimes because even the ones you still talk to have developed new lifestyles different from yours or they start to develop bad company and you have nothing in common anymore. You’ll compare the new friends you’ve made with your former friends. You’ll want the friendship goals you see on Instagram only to realise that those friends are only good at taking good pictures and not at communicating. It is during this period that you truly develop a support system, you start to realise that no matter how much your family annoys you, they always check up on you and give you the best advise, you start knowing those friends you can’t live without, those ones that you think about everyday even if you don’t talk everyday. You miss them so much that you pray for them and check up on them. You guys will know if you’re the ‘talk everyday kind of friends’ or the ‘I’ll call you once a month and it’ll be like nothing changed friends’. You pray to God to show you what friendships are useless to you and which should be let go of and ask Him to maintain the useful ones. Your best friends don’t need a label attached to their names, it’s just a connection that you feel whenever you see or talk to them, you feel it and they feel it too.

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