Let’s Chat | Questioning Christianity

I was watching a video yesterday, and it bordered around discussions of faith, especially the Christian faith. Many of the discussants gave up on their faith when questions arose and they were okay with it. This reminded me of a time in my life, about two years ago when my faith started to waver because I had questions. So many questions about God, Jesus, and the world. I was constantly wondering if He really existed. I thought my questions would never be answered, that it was absurd to question my religion, and I almost gave up believing but in the end, I was undoubtedly proven wrong.

It is okay, quite normal to have questions, you won’t be normal if you didn’t. We are humans and we’ve been blessed with reason, so we are naturally curious especially when we can’t see what we believe in. It’s not okay however to wallow in your questions and not purposefully look for answers. This is when doubt starts to creep in and in order to doubt your doubts, you need to have solid answers. Remember, even satan knows the bible, and he’ll use it against you. Why not use it against him instead?

There are evidences that God exists everywhere, there are historical evidences that prove Jesus existed too. So, if you have been wondering, doubting, and would like to get answers to some of your questions, leave a comment. If I have an answer, I’ll write a detailed reply. If I don’t, I’ll let you know, do some research, ask other people, and get some. Maybe others in the comment section can help us out too. You might even be able to help someone, so ask away. Continue reading “Let’s Chat | Questioning Christianity”

Let’s Chat- My husband must be rich


Welcome to another ‘Let’s chat’ series guys! Quick question: Do you watch BKChatLDN on youtube? If you do, and you’ve seen the latest episode, it was about the importance of stable finances in a relationship/marriage. We all know love is not enough to make relationships work, at least I hope you do. So, today I want to hear your opinions (both guys and girls). Ladies, would you marry a man who is not rich and doesn’t have the potential to be? Do your financial expectations differ with regards to the man’s age? Guys, would you marry a woman richer than you? Would you be comfortable not being the bread winner of your home?  Any unasked questions can be answered too, feel free to say whatever is on your mind.

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Let’s Chat- Growing up was hard

Hi guys! How you doing? We’ve been a little serious on here for a while, and I thought to switch it up.  I hope the title of this post didn’t scare you, it’s very ironic because this post is far from terrifying. Growing up was hard, and I mean that in the best way. I’m sure you all remember being pissed off at your parents almost everyday, wishing you were older and weren’t forced to live with them. Well, that was me, but now I’ve realized that adulting (made up word) isn’t a bed of roses. This leads me into occasional reminiscing of childhood memories that seem funny now, but they weren’t back then. For fun,  I dug up some funny memes on my phone, twitter and off the net.

Off the top of my head, I’m going to share one of my childhood memories. I hope you guys join in. What annoying habits did your parents possess that pissed you off so much? Let’s have a laugh. Continue reading “Let’s Chat- Growing up was hard”

The Africa they don’t show you finale… and giveaway (Closed)



Hey Everyone! This is an exciting post for me, I have been waiting to put up this post for weeks now, and I’m glad it’s finally here.This is the ‘Africa they don’t show you’ series finale. It’s been an amazing series, and I hope you enjoyed reading these posts as much as I loved working on them. If you missed previous posts, catch up here, and here.

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Hey guys! Welcome to Hazy Fantasies, thanks for stopping by. You might not know it, but this post is long overdue. Between changing time zones the past two days, I was too exhausted to write. On today’s episode of the ‘Africa they don’t show you’ from the Nigerian perspective, we’ll be talking media. The Nigerian entertainment industry has been on the fast lane recently. Lots of fresh musicians, actors, television stations, and online platforms have emerged. Gone are the days of being just locally known, the industry has gone global. Music artists feature and have been featured by international artists, movie premieres now happen both home and abroad, movies contain local and international scenes. I could not be more proud of my country.


Recently, Nollywood (the Nigerian movie industry) was announced the third largest movie industry in the world. Who would have thought? But, I know this is only the beginning of upcoming breakthroughs. In today’s post, I’m mentioning different platforms where you can have a taste of what the Nigerian media has to offer. Go watch and have a Nigerian themed weekend!

  1. Netflix: First time I saw a Nigerian movie being streamed on Netflix, I screamed… literally. It was such a joy to see Nollywood get the attention it deserves. These are my favourite Nigerian movies on the platform.


The Africa they don’t show you- The Hustle

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Hi beautiful people! Happy New Year, I’m so glad you all made it to 2017. Hope you guys are planning great things this year because, we are just too special to be ordinary. I have been telling myself this all week. Today, I’m back  with the continuation of ‘The Africa they don’t show you series’. If you missed the first post, you missed a lot, so catch up here. This post is about the ‘Hustle’ in Africans. I wish I could talk about all African countries in my posts, but since I haven’t travelled to any other country (that will change soon), I can only write from the Nigerian perspective. Feel free to enlighten us in the comment section below, about the hustle spirit in your country, if you’re from another African country. Continue reading “The Africa they don’t show you- The Hustle”

The Africa they don’t show you series (Owambe edition)


Hi everyone! Welcome to Hazy fantasies, thanks for stopping by! Today, I’m starting something new. As the countdown to 2017 begins, I would like all of us, who are global citizens of the world, to walk into the new year less ignorant about the diverse world we share. This post is not to make anyone feel bad I promise. I’ve been studying in America for a while, and I’ve heard some really ignorant comments about Africa (So you guys wear clothes? Do you like live in huts and stuff?). These are comments that have been inspired by the overly bias media, I understand, but the world is becoming too global for anyone to be ignorant about other places around the world. To address this issue, I decided to write a couple of posts showing you the beautiful continent, where I’m from.

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Although, many countries in Africa are going through economic and socioeconomic meltdowns, my country, Nigeria being one of them. It might be easy to think that this means zero partying in the country,  but you couldn’t be more wrong. In Nigeria especially, there are parties everyday, which we refer to as ‘Owambe’. Continue reading “The Africa they don’t show you series (Owambe edition)”

Let’s Chat! Insecurities

Hey! Welcome back to Hazy Fantasies, if you’re a frequent reader. If this is your first time on my blog, thanks for stopping by, I hope you like this post enough to stick around!

Now to the topic:

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Before I knew the definition of insecurity, I had my fair share of the struggle. Growing up, my teeth were my biggest problem. I suffered from numerous cavities and because of my horrible experience with dentists (I got beat by a dentist once because I didn’t like injections), I refused to let my cavities be taken out anymore. In junior high school, I had this deep hole in my bottom tooth and it was disgusting.   Continue reading “Let’s Chat! Insecurities”

Let’s Chat series- Struggles + Collab

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Hey everyone! Welcome to another Let’s chat series. I started this series in August and I enjoyed hearing feedbacks on how people liked it. So, I decided to make this a monthly series where I share an experience with you all and you share yours with me and everyone too! Hopefully, this is the beginning of something really exciting.  Continue reading “Let’s Chat series- Struggles + Collab”

Let’s chat series!

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Hi Everyone! Happy new week once again. It’s slowly getting close to the conclusion of summer and  I bet no one wants the clock to stop ticking as much as I do. Today, I wanted to do something different. This post is going to be me reading your thoughts rather than you reading mine. I was having a conversation with my friends some days ago and this question popped up; “Why do we do what we do?” Why do we follow motivational accounts on social media, read our bibles, read blogs, seek advise from family and friends, listen to motivational speakers and get inspired only to end up doing what we please at the end of the day.  Continue reading “Let’s chat series!”